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Matau is an AI-powered BI tool that empowers SMEs to access and analyze their data through simple conversations without needing a data team or technical expertise.


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How Matau Works

Matau is your personal data expert, answering business questions instantly without needing a data team. It empowers all departments to make data-driven decisions with ease.

Your Colleague For Many Use Cases.

SKU Portfolio Profitability in Plain Language

Managing SKU portfolio profitability with extreme volume and turnover needs gets complicated for high-scale ecommerce. Rather than rely on gut instinct, tap into the power of conversational analytics. Gain perspective by asking questions like - what's the sales velocity and margin range across my catalog? Compare by supplier, category or inventory. This dialog allows identifying lower performing items diluting margins, overstock risks, and gaps to guide assortment optimization decisions. Making data a partner empowers operators to prune complexity while taking the guesswork out of mix planning based on performance facts.

Get the Sales Insights You Need, Minus the Complexity

Getting quality sales insights can overwhelm emerging ecommerce brands, but tools like Matau make it achievable. Simply ask about daily revenue or order volume trends, best selling SKUs, channel or campaign performance. Evaluate customer cohorts or sales by traffic source too. The data goes on, but conversational analytics keeps it uncomplicated - no advanced SQL knowledge required! Easy access to the metrics you need allows small teams to instrument tests, react to trends and optimize decisions without recruiting analysts. Let your data elevate, not limit, your potential by enabling direction through dialogue.

Making Measurement Inspire, Not Constrain.

Inconsistent campaign performance often stems from lack of visibility into metrics guiding decisions. Conversational analytics democratizes access to uncover data like geographic purchase variability, cohort pricing elasticity differences, channel halo impacts - to then inform contextual creative. Analyze midwest traction by product line. Check promo response across device usage groups and roles. Let data accessibility fuel strategy, inform budget prioritization sequentially by instrumented signals, and optimize towards KPIs through iterative conversation while avoiding creative stagnation. The future is fluent analytics informing art.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of data sources can you connect with?

Matau currently integrates with Shopify to connect inventory, sales, and store data for analytics. Coming soon are added integrations with other e-commerce platforms, ERP & CRM systems, ads and marketing management tools. Additionally, you can import data from CSV files.

How do you analyze my business data to generate answers?

Matau leverages the latest AI to analyze your connected business data and identify insightful patterns and trends. We go beyond just providing simple data figures to answer questions. Our machine learning models enable deeper data comprehension tailored to your specific metrics and industry for clear, actionable recommendations.

What IT resources are required to integrate Matau?

We aim to make integrating Matau seamless for companies. If you use Shopify, simply install our app. For other services, we offer lightweight plugins connecting you quickly without major IT effort required. Our pre-built connectors integrate tools like Google Sheets and Salesforce in minutes.

Do I have to use a specific query format or remember commands?

No, you do not have to use any special query formats or memorize commands to talk to Matau. As an AI agent powered by generative intelligence, Matau understands plain, conversational English. You can simply ask business questions using normal language just as you would with another person

How can employees with different skill levels benefit from Matau?

Matau democratizes data analytics and business intelligence for all employees through natural language. Executives can get high-level insights, as well as frontline staff can understand KPI trends. Asking questions in plain language allows everyone to benefit from data comprehension customized to their role.

How do I get started with deployment? Implementation steps?

Getting started with Matau is designed to be quick and easy. If integrating an existing platform like Shopify, install our app to connect your store data in just minutes. For other data sources, we provide intuitive workflows for linking CSVs and bringing your business data into Matau for analytics.

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