Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Matau provides instant insights and reports into inventory levels across channels, empowering managers to optimize stock allocation.


Minimize overstocking


Improve inventory turnover


Increase success rate of new product

Instant Insights, Informed Decisions, Optimized Operations

Matau answers not just what but why - delivering instant insights on the business questions that matter most.

Matau in Action

SKU Rationalization

D2C and retail brands often struggle with managing a large number of SKUs, which can lead to increased complexity, higher inventory carrying costs, and reduced profitability.

Matau's AI-powered platform analyzes sales data, profitability metrics, and customer preferences to identify underperforming SKUs. By leveraging Matau's real-time analytics and conversational AI, brands can easily access actionable recommendations on which SKUs to eliminate, consolidate, or optimize. This helps brands streamline their product portfolio, reducing complexity by 20-30% and increasing overall profitability by 10-15%.

New Product Development

Launching new products that fail to resonate with customers can lead to wasted resources, increased inventory holding costs, and lost opportunities for revenue growth.

Matau analyzes customer feedback, market data, and competitor offerings to identify opportunities for new product development. By leveraging these insights, brands can create products that align with customer demands, increasing the success rate of new product launches by 25%. Moreover, Matau's real-time insights can help brands optimize product features, pricing, and positioning based on customer preferences, further enhancing the chances of success.

Inventory Optimization

Inefficient inventory management is a common challenge for retail brands, often leading to stockouts, overstocking, and increased holding costs, resulting in lost sales, reduced customer satisfaction, and lower profitability.

Matau provides real-time visibility into inventory levels and demand patterns, enabling brands to optimize stock levels for each SKU and across different channels. By leveraging Matau's AI-driven insights, brands can accurately forecast demand, set optimal reorder points, and proactively manage inventory levels. This helps reduce stockouts by 25-30%, minimize overstocking, and improve inventory turnover by 15-20%.

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