The AI-Powered BI Solution Transforming Data Culture for SMEs

Matau empowers SMEs to unlock valuable insights from their data without the need for technical expertise or costly infrastructure.

Rapid Deployment

Streamlining onboarding enables SMEs to leverage BI capabilities within minutes, rather than the typical 6-8 week timeline.

Cost Efficiency

Tailoring affordable, scalable pricing for SMEs, Matau delivers enterprise-grade BI capabilities without enterprise-level costs.

Intuitive Ease of Use

Matau's conversational AI drive organization-wide BI adoption, making data-driven decisions integral to SME culture.

Ready to help you excel your most complicated data tasks

Ask questions and get real-time insights in natural language.

Matau's cutting-edge conversational AI breaking down the barriers to self-service BI and enabling SMEs to harness the power of their data without the need for technical expertise.

Goes beyond data by providing context-driven insights

Matau simplifies your data analytics by aggregating information from multiple sources into a single platform. It saves you time and resources without the need for technical expertise.

Eliminates technical barriers by simplifying onboarding

Matau eliminates the technical barriers that often hinder SMEs from adopting BI solutions by offering seamless integration and a conversational AI interface.

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