Unleash the power of your data through simple conversations.

Matau accelerates data-driven decision-making by enabling you to ask questions in natural language and get instant answers and insights, without the need for technical expertise.

Join over 100 companies that trust Matau to unlock the power of their data and make informed decisions without the complexity.

Matau: Data you can speak with!

6 Reasons Matau Transforms Your BI Needs

Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your existing data sources or simply import data as a CSV file, eliminating the need for complex data migration, and start deriving insights immediately.

No Technical Expertise

Obtain immediate insights from your data without relying on a dedicated data or BI team. No need to wait for dashboards to be set up or complex analysis to be performed.

Universal Data Literacy

Democratize access to data and insights, enabling employees across departments to become data-literate and confidently use information to guide their decisions and initiatives.

Conversational AI

Discover insights from your data through natural conversation, without deciphering complex dashboards. Receive instant answers - like having a BI advisor always by your side.

Time & Cost Savings

Get instant answers without waiting for reports or relying on data experts. Save time and money with immediate insights, eliminating manual analysis and costly data teams.

Scalability & Flexibility

Scale effortlessly with your business needs, accommodating growing data volumes and adapting to evolving requirements, ensuring a future-proof solution.

Ready to help you excel your most complicated data tasks

A Single Platform for Data-Driven Decision-making.

Matau integrates your data sources into one platform, allowing everyone to access and analyze data easily. Get instant answers to business questions, enabling faster, informed decisions.

Maximizing ROI with Informed Investments.

Matau helps identify growth opportunities, optimize resource allocation, and measure the impact of your investments. Make data-driven decisions to maximize returns and efficiency.

Your Partner to Build a Data Culture in Your Company.

Matau makes data accessible and understandable to everyone, fostering a data-driven mindset. It improves data literacy, encourages collaboration, and helps you continuously learn and adapt.

Embrace Data Culture To Become a Data-Driven Organization

Data-Driven Decisions for Every Department.

Matau empowers your team with instant data access and insights for informed decision-making across all departments.

Matau for C-suite: Allowing executives to obtain on-demand report.


Allowing executives to obtain on-demand reports in minutes, freeing strategic thinking time to interpret trends and converse on growth plans.

Matau for marketing & sales team: Gain insights into improve effectiveness your marketing and sales activities.

Marketing & Sales Team

Gain instant insights into campaign effectiveness, customer segmentation and product trends to agilely fine-tune strategies instead of waiting on quarterly reports.

Matau for operation team: track inventory, identify anomalies, and shift strategy to maximise profit.

Ops Team

Track out-of-stocks, wasted inventory, pricing anomalies and category performance shifts as they happen to quickly course correct, instead of post-mortem analyses after losing sales.

Finance Team

Conversationally access latest sales, cost and profitability data to accurately update forecasts, budgets and plans rather than make assumptions during annual planning cycles.

Matau Designed for Many Use-cases

Matau democratizes business intelligence, enabling companies to access powerful insights without the need for technical expertise.

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